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7 Up 7 Down


  • 7 Up 7 Down is a dice-based casino game.
  • To win, you have to guess if the total on a pair of dice is equal to 7, above 7, or below 7. 
  • If your call matches the total value, you win, or else you lose. 


  • You begin this game with an initial bet on the options on the table using chips.
  • Then the pair of dice is sprung by the dealer using a dice jar and the final result is revealed.
  • If the sum of the numbers on the two dice is as per your initial bet, you win. Or else you lose the round.


  • The 7 Up 7 Down table has a felt with the three betting options written on it. 
  • The three options include less than 7, greater than 7, and equal to 7.
  • Each player starts the game by placing their chips on one or two of these options before the two dice are rolled.
  • Numbers below 7 (1,2,3,4,5,6) are known as Seven Down. If you win by calling a Seven Down, the payout is 1x the betting amount.
  • Numbers above 7 (8,9,10,11,12) are known as Seven Up. If you win by calling a Seven Up, the payout is 1x the betting amount.
  • The number 7 is called a Lucky Seven. If you win by calling a Lucky Seven bet, the payout is 4x the betting amount.
  • If the final position of the two dice doesn’t indicate a clear result, either by landing on top of each other or by leaning against the jar, the pair of dice are rolled again.

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