Bangladesh Premier League 2017 Match Schedule


Bangladesh Premier League 2017 Match Schedule

Bangladesh Premier League 2017 Match Schedule

Bangladesh Premier League 2017 Match Schedule Table

Nov 04, SatSylhet Sixers vs Dhaka Dynamites, 1st Match1:30 PM
Nov 04, SatRajshahi Kings vs Rangpur Riders, 2nd Match6:30 PM
Nov 05, SunSylhet Sixers vs Comilla Victorians, 3rd Match1:30 PM
Nov 05, SunKhulna Titans vs Dhaka Dynamites, 4th Match6:30 PM
Nov 07, TueChittagong Vikings vs Comilla Victorians, 5th Match1:30 PM
Nov 07, TueSylhet Sixers vs Rajshahi Kings, 6th Match6:30 PM
Nov 08, WedRangpur Riders vs Chittagong Vikings, 7th Match1:30 PM
Nov 08, WedSylhet Sixers vs Khulna Titans, 8th Match6:30 PM
Nov 11, SatRangpur Riders vs Rajshahi Kings, 9th Match1:30 PM
Nov 11, SatDhaka Dynamites vs Sylhet Sixers, 10th Match6:30 PM
Nov 12, SunChittagong Vikings vs Khulna Titans, 11th Match1:30 PM
Nov 12, SunRajshahi Kings vs Comilla Victorians, 12th Match6:30 PM
Nov 14, TueDhaka Dynamites vs Khulna Titans, 13rd Match1:30 PM
Nov 14, TueComilla Victorians vs Chittagong Vikings, 14th Match6:30 PM
Nov 15, WedKhulna Titans vs Sylhet Sixers, 15th Match1:30 PM
Nov 15, WedDhaka Dynamites vs Chittagong Vikings, 16th Match6:30 PM
Nov 17, FriRajshahi Kings vs Sylhet Sixers, 17th Match2:00 PM
Nov 17, FriKhulna Titans vs Chittagong Vikings, 18th Match6:45 PM
Nov 18, SatDhaka Dynamites vs Rajshahi Kings, 19th Match1:30 PM
Nov 18, SatRangpur Riders vs Comilla Victorians, 20th Match6:30 PM
Nov 20, MonDhaka Dynamites vs Comilla Victorians, 21st Match1:30 PM
Nov 20, MonSylhet Sixers vs Rangpur Riders, 22nd Match6:30 PM
Nov 21, TueRajshahi Kings vs Khulna Titans, 23rd Match1:30 PM
Nov 21, TueDhaka Dynamites vs Rangpur Riders, 24th Match6:30 PM
Nov 24, FriKhulna Titans vs Rangpur Riders, 25th Match2:00 PM
Nov 24, FriChittagong Vikings vs Sylhet Sixers, 26th Match6:45 PM
Nov 25, SatComilla Victorians vs Rajshahi Kings, 27th Match1:30 PM
Nov 25, SatChittagong Vikings vs Rangpur Riders, 28th Match6:30 PM
Nov 27, MonChittagong Vikings vs Dhaka Dynamites, 29th Match1:30 PM
Nov 27, MonKhulna Titans vs Rajshahi Kings, 30th Match6:30 PM
Nov 28, TueRangpur Riders vs Sylhet Sixers, 31st Match1:30 PM
Nov 28, TueKhulna Titans vs Comilla Victorians, 32nd Match6:30 PM
Nov 29, WedChittagong Vikings vs Rajshahi Kings, 33rd Match1:30 PM
Nov 29, WedComilla Victorians vs Dhaka Dynamites, 34th Match6:30 PM
Dec 02, SatComilla Victorians vs Rangpur Riders, 35th Match1:30 PM
Dec 02, SatDhaka Dynamites vs Rajshahi Kings, 36th Match6:30 PM
Dec 03, SunSylhet Sixers vs Chittagong Vikings, 37th Match1:30 PM
Dec 03, SunRangpur Riders vs Khulna Titans, 38th Match6:30 PM
Dec 05, TueComilla Victorians vs Khulna Titans, 39th Match1:30 PM
Dec 05, TueRajshahi Kings vs Chittagong Vikings, 40th Match6:30 PM
Dec 06, WedDhaka Dynamites vs Rangpur Riders, 41st Match1:30 PM
Dec 06, WedComilla Victorians vs Sylhet Sixers, 42nd Match6:30 PM
Dec 08, FriTBC vs TBC, Eliminator2:00 PM
Dec 08, FriTBC vs TBC, Qualifier 16:45 PM
Dec 10, SunTBC vs TBC, Qualifier 26:30 PM
Dec 12, TueTBC vs TBC, Final6:30 PM

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