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Understanding the pulse or rules of cricket betting industry is where it all begins, your first step to successful betting. Stakes, Odds, In-Play betting and Bet-slip; know what it all means!

Everything About Online Cricket Betting

It’s none other than your passion for the game which makes the betting debut successful despite having knowledge about the bet to funds to place a bet. Remember if you don’t know what cricket betting site offers you while selecting it or the betting basics for the match then you are not ready for it. Therefore at you will get cricket betting guide from our experts.

If you randomly pick any of the sites without doing any researches and place the bet then there are higher chances for you to lose it. There are few lucky exceptions after all everything is about the correct predictions and the luck. Therefore you should choose the betting site wisely knowing about all things i.e. the offers provided, betting odds and many others.

These are the factors which you should be aware of and look into while you are going to select a site for online cricket betting:

Bet on Best Cricket Betting Sites 2021

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Online Guide for Cricket Betting Platform - Bookmakers

Cricket betting site also called as bookmaker is the platform that provides opportunities for the cricket lovers to place the match on their favorite teams. You can place bets on different types of cricket such as one day match, test match, and everyone’s favorite T-20 series. There are many cricket betting sites you can find on the internet while searching such as Fix2bet, Betway and many more. All these sites allow placing a bet but differ from each other in various fields like match odds, betting options, bonuses, in-play events, banking options and much more.

A good cricket betting site is the one that is easy and hassle-free to sign up, keeps your money safe and where you can withdraw the funds effortlessly. These trusted sites also offer promotions, bonuses, and various other benefits.

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What should you look for? While selecting a bookmaker always ask this to yourself. Here are the key selection points:

Different types of Bets in Cricket

There are no such restrictions in online cricket betting that it can be done on winning team but the process has expanded as you can apply bet on various other factors like best bowler, batsman, man of the match, etc. The betting odds have also increased with all such options. A large number of possibilities are there due to different types of bet due to which even the beginner ends up making most of the bets.

It was started as betting on the winner of the team but now it has become more interesting with the number of options available such as betting on the winner, fastest bowler, best batsman, man of the match and various others.

Cricket Betting Glossary


Betting Exchange:

Betting exchange is a marketplace where customers can bet on the outcome of the match or event. The betting odds are fixed here. It offers the betting opportunities which are similar to a bookmaker with few variations.



Bookmaker, also known as Sportsbook, is the platform where you can place a bet on your favorite team or event you wish for. The betting company which has a license and allows you legally to bet is a bookmaker.



Back betting means to place a bet on the result which will happen, if you are placing a bet on a team it means you are betting on that team to win the match.



Lay betting means to place your bet on the outcome will not take place i.e If you place a bet on the team it means you are placing a bet on the team to lose no matter who is the opponent of the team.

Guide For Cricket Betting on Mobile

There are many trusted and popular sites which do not allow their customer to place a bet through mobile phones. Mobile betting not only attracts the customers of new generations as we all in today’s world spend most of our time on phones as compared to laptops but also provides the advantage for the cricket lovers to access the sports they are fond of 24/7.

You can easily get the latest news, bonuses, live streaming and various other offers through mobile betting which is supported by many leading and trust worthy cricket betting sites. Customers who want to opt for mobile betting are given extra promotions and bonuses in order to increase their desire for cricket betting. 

Types of banking options

There are few restrictions and problems faced by the users when it’s time to deposit funds or banking options during betting. Various limitations and laws makes betting site not accessible in few countries. Therefore, we suggest you have a look at the banking options available before you start your cricket betting adventure.

It’s good to understand the available banking options not only to start the betting for also to find the appropriate site for you. If you choose a site based on the good odds and the bonus it offers and doesn’t have a look at the banking options then everything will just be a waste at the end of the task. Your efforts will go in vain if the site you choose for betting doesn’t support the banking options which are easily available for you, currency options and other options that are available in your region or country.

eWallet or electronic wallet is one of the most preferred options in the field of online cricket betting sites as these are safe, quick and easy.

There are various other funding options like:-

  • Phone pay
  • Google pay
  • Paytm
  • Debit card
  • Bank transfers

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