IPL Guide and Preview: Everything You Need to Know

IPL (Indian Premier League) is the masterstroke played by BCCI that has already hanged the cricket world completely.  It is a popular T20 cricket league which usually runs for around 7 weeks. Cricketers have become superstars for their respective countries, and IPL has given legends to the cricket world like Hardik Pandya, Kieron Pollard, Andre Russell, Bumrah, and more.

Every year, cricket fans eagerly wait for IPL matches. It has quickly become a popular favorite league among cricket bettors to take advantage of. These seven weeks of matches come with lots of winning potential for the betting lovers. If you are a cricket fan and keen to get involved in cricket betting online, this guide will let you know about the top tricks and IPL cricket betting tips which will help you earn good profits.

IPL – Indian Premier League

Usually, this tournament owns eight teams representing 8 cities of India, and soon in IPL 2022, two more teams will be added.  Compared to any other tournament, IPL tournament is relatively newer but it has become highly popular on a global scale. The IPL match will be played in the Double Round Robin format where each team will play twice. Once they will play in their own city and another time in the home ground of their opponent.

The top four teams will qualify for the playoffs, which will be made up of two qualifiers, one elimination round, and then the final.

IPL cricket betting tips – How to place the bets effectively

IPL matches provide a good number of opportunities to the bettors to place winning bets. There are many ways for players to gain an edge when it comes to placing bets online. Following cricket satta bazaar tips will be of great help, especially those who are new to online betting. Here are the most popular betting tips that will surely help you to start a winning journey:

  1. Set your betting budget

Before someone even begins analyzing what to bet on, it’s important to determine how much money to set aside to place bets. Placing bets online means, you have to deposit funds first. So, it’s important to know your limit.

  • Look at the betting odds

Once you have decided on your budget, it’s time to visit the website of the bookmaker to research the odds in play. You need to get familiar with odds as this will determine the probability and profit which comes with a winning bet.  Let’s understand this with an example:  If you place Rs. 1,000 on Mumbai Indians to win at odds of 1.50, you’ll get back Rs. 1,500 if you win – 1,000 of your original bet plus your winnings of Rs. 500. Winnings are calculated by doing this simple calculation:

             Winnings = (odds * stake) – stake

  • Know about your teams

Betting profitability on IPL matches involves proper research. Focus on the teams playing in the match, check out their strengths and weakness. It’s also important to check, how the teams have performed in the previous matches or tournaments.

  • Take advantage of online IPL live betting

The live betting from the best online bookmaker lets you place bets in real-time. IPL live betting increases your chances of earning good profits. As the odds shift during the match, you may decide to cash out early to make the most out of a profitable bet. Before placing bets, make sure to understand the rules of betting. Build up your knowledge on IPL cricket betting tips and increase your chances of winning. This way, you would not only enjoy matches but would also be able to earn money.

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