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Money Wheel


  • Money Wheel is one of the easiest casino games that comprise a giant spinning wheel with numbers and symbols for each section. The number of sections varies from one wheel to the other.
  • It also has a playing table with the same symbols and the odds of playing written next to it. 
  • The players need to predict which symbol the money wheel would stop by placing their bets on the respective symbol on the table. 
  • You win if the symbol you placed your bet on is the same as the symbol on which the money wheel stops.


  • The game begins when you place your bet using chips on the symbol or symbols of your choice. 
  • Once all players on a table have placed their bets, the dealer calls no more bets and spins the giant money wheel.
  • You win a payout if the spinning wheel stops at the same symbol as your initial bets.


  • The Money Wheel is a giant spinning wheel that is divided into various sections using easy-to-read numbers and symbols. 
  • Each section also has different odds of winning and this is displayed on the table as well as on the wheel. 
  • The odds also depend on the number of times a particular symbol appears on the giant spinning wheel.
  • The payout on winning this game ranges from even money or 1x your bet to 40x your betting amount. 
  • You can also place bets on multiple symbols to increase your overall chances of winning.
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