Top 5 Sports for Online Gambling

Sports betting makes up about 35% of the worldwide gambling market. It is estimated that more than 500 million are wagered in bets across the globe annually. Betting is not active across all sports and with the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, gambling websites are the fastest growing in terms of player participation, viewership, and betting. So, here are our top 5 list of the best sports to bet on:

For Indians, cricket is an emotion and looking for a sport to bet on, cricket is definitely going to be the number one on the list of online gaming in India. The sport is not only incredibly deep and strategic, but it comes in different forms too. Moreover, as Indians are watching cricket or even playing the sport from their childhood, it becomes very easy to understand the game and predict the winners. A decent selection of well-planned and creative cricket markets further makes you ponder upon the game from different angles. The best betting sites ensure that all the updates and details you need are provided across the matches. Moreover, whether you win or lose, the experience is always amazing. The Notable markets include innings runs, a team of the top bowler, and even coin toss winners.

After cricket, football has a great fan following. Football is the sport that has captured the hearts of fans not only in India but throughout the world. The popularity of the sport has increased from a betting perspective too. The amount of competing operators out there contending for the attention, results in constantly offering great odds on major events from the top bookmakers. Football betting is also home to some of the finest markets in betting, because of its deep, strategic nature. Register now to know more about the games and betting rules. The notable markets include Double Chance, First Goal Scorer as well as Both Teams To Score.

Boxing is another famous sport that is on this list. It is all about the big-money events. You need to keep an eye on the schedule to create your calendar. But as boxing is loved in India, there are many small events going on as well where you can bet and win money. It is a unique sport to bet on. You can look forward to dedicated fight promotion, a unique rule set, and betting markets. The notable markets include Method of Victory, Round Group Betting, and Go The Distance.

Horse Racing
Horse Racing is another amazing sport to bet on and it’s quite popular globally. Horse racing betting frequently offers great odds. The betting market, which is unique to these types of races, presents a huge strategic advantage. The number of competitors makes horse racing quite different from other sports on this list of best sports. However, the equally amazing markets make the most of those possibilities turn into a great advantage. It is one of the popular sports to bet on and has huge live streaming availability. The Notable Markets include To Win, To Place, and Forecast Bet.

Tennis is another sport which is considered by many fans to be the best sport to bet on. It is quite exciting too. There is nothing else that can match the action-packed fierceness. Having a wager on such a sport just sweetens the deal as people bet on every point, set, and game. You can also get some sensational odds on big events. This sport offers advantages such as amazing live coverage available, and markets expertly break down games amongst the different segments. The Notable markets include Handicap betting, First Set Winner, and Total Games Betting.

If you are one of them who love sports and want to try your luck, then visit the website of the best betting sites and read the rules. You can bet on your favorite sports and team to win money. 

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